How to enable YouTube in Tor

Youtube proxyTor is widely used for online anonymity. Tor helps its users in evading the tracking mechanisms of the internet and thus providing acceptable levels of anonymity. To ensure the anonymity while using internet, the IP tracking applications (which needs direct communication to the PC)are by default disabled in Tor. These includes flash based files. This means accessing YouTube thru Tor is disabled by default.

Though Tor is not built for bypassing the restrictions in viewing online video, it can very well used for that. In this post we will discuss on how to view YouTube or any other video websites using Tor proxy. Typically, flash plugin to a browser is completely run independent of the browser and can bypass the proxy configurations thus exposing your online access and as a result ruin the online anonymity. This includes not only bypassing the proxy configurations but also identifying the local IP address, store own cookies (mostly tracking cookies) etc…

However, if you are not concerned about the anonymity while browsing these sites, you could enable these plugins in Tor. You could enable this from Firefox by unchecking the “Disable Plugins during Tor usage” from Torbutton Preferences->Security Settings->Dynamic Content tab and unchecking "Disable plugins during Tor usage" box


It is recommended to use Better Privacy for clearing your Flash cookies.

The Tor Browser Bundle does not work with Flash or other plugins by design. If you wish to run these plugins over Tor, you need to install Tor and configure your own instance of Firefox.

Now you can browse the video sites without much troubles and the trade off you may have to do is a compromise on your anonymity. However, this trade off is not relevant if you are using Tor as just a proxy bypassing your restrictions and is not concerned about privacy or anonymity.

Do let us know if you know similar solutions for online anonymity as well as share your comments

  • John

    The Tor button crashes in Firefox. Anyways to fix this?

  • Ajauiss

    tor like proxy put to
    in proxy place

  • Cuttincows

    Quite useful, thank you.

  • sunny

    Not working.. Flash is not installing at all.. Youtube is saying sorry even after changing the settings.. 😛 Im using tor to bypass college proxy, anonymity is not a problem. Is there any way to use youtube in tor or should i switch to ultra surf.

  • tor user

    not working

  • craig

    use hotspot shield instead im on pay as u go t-mobile 1gb fair use ive had it 1 wk and used over 4gb and can still download stream and watch youtube videos and can bypass the content lock only gripe is when it drops out i have to close everything unplug the dongle and plug it in again and start again but can live with that lol and dont you have to do that anyway lol