Cute Fee @ Spicejet

Just happened to book two tickets online or a friend. SpiceJet was the convenient flight. Surprisingly in the Fare section, I saw something interesting which is  “CUTE FEE”


Any guess what is this CUTE Fee??

  • Shoonya

    Common User Terminal Equipment

  • binoykl


  • Priyanka

    Hi, The full form of CUTE is : COMMON USER TERMINAL EQUIPMENT. You must have seen at the airport that at the time of checkin different airline will be using the same equipment for checkin on the same gate as per the departure time of the flights.

  • binoykl

    Thank You… It makes more sense with that explanation

  • prabal

    but why this fee has started now.airlines have always used the same equipment since the time it started.

  • Prateek Chawla

    Not my problem if they are ugly :)