Firefox 4 Beta With Faster Graphics and New Audio Capabilities for the Web

Firefox just announced the launch of the beta version of FireFox4 web browser.  Firefox 4 Beta now leverages hardware acceleration to improve graphics performance for Windows users and also allows, for the first time, the visualization of audio data within the browser.

In this beta version Firefox brings the HTML 5 capabilities, especially the Audio experience. The new audio API will allow users to visualize the audio and allows the developers to read and write raw audio data to the browser.

Another improvement is the implementation of HTTPS  Strict Transport Security (HSTS), a security protocol which could increases the possibilities of secure communications.

Graphic enhancements are as well incorporated in the new beta release. It takes advantage of the built-in graphic adapters in windows based computers with DirectX 10 to improve graphics performance. If the hardware supports Directx 2D, firefox 4 will use it by default to speed up the display of content, which will allow developers to power the websites with more graphic oriented sites.

The final release is expected in November. Meanwhile you can Download Firefox 4 Beta and test them here.